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1. Sign-up for FREE! Earn $10 right from the start!
Just for joining Cash Money Email you will earn a $10 starting bonus.

2. Tell Your Friends!
When you join you will receive a welcome letter. Included in your welcome letter is your unique referral link to Cash Money Email. Send that link to your friends, family and contacts. When they join you will be credited and referring them. For each email advertisement they receive and read from us you earn $.01 or 1 point depending on the type of advertisement read.

3. Read the e-mails we Send You!
Included in each e-mail is a confirmation link. Clicking this link and allowing our advertising partners website to load is the only way we can accurately track if you read the email. The system will then pay you $.02 or 2 points  for reading the e-mail advertisement. You must allow the advertising partners website to load a full 30 seconds to earn payment.

4. Get paid!
Sounds simple right? Well it is that simple! The only requirement to earn your $.02 or 2 points is that you click the confirmation link that is included in each piece of e-mail you receive from us. To earn money from your referrals they must read and click the confirmation link included in each piece of email. This is the only way we have of insuring that members are actually reading the e-mail advertisements.

5. Ad Quick Cash to your Account!
Would you like to ad some quick cash to your account? How about as much as $500 dollars? We have dozens of 'Paid-to-Sign' offers available that can earn you some quick cash. Many of these offers are completely FREE! Click here for more information.


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